Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday morning, rough draft...

So I managed to catch my bus at quarter after six this morning, figuring I would have the whole bus to myself, and get a bit of writing done. Well, I could hardly get a seat, so there you go. I managed to throw a few lines together AT THE BUS STOP!

when whales ruled the world

when whales ruled the world, there were no hard edges,
and no sharp corners, and all the world was one

when whales ruled the world, instead of surfaces,
above and beyond, there was only one surface between,
folding itself into watery baleen to filter meaning from the shores

when whales ruled the world, every grain of sand was sacred,
and you might see yourself through the folds, amongst them and within

when whales ruled the world,
there was a time before enjambment became a word,
and a single sentence could measure out an era

I am currently listening to the latest eXplorations podcast (#5 on Open Office)... it's an interesting one, but like all of these podcasts, very dense, and requiring a second listen.

1) We are living in a technological "Era of Abstraction"
2) It costs more and more to support a suite, but this should be less and less important, as products interact with each other better through service orientation, abstraction, mash-ups etc.
3) Customization is superceding the older "Suite" technology, so (Kurt's line) if you are giving it away for free, the need to customize arrives as a corollary. Interesting stuff.


piers said...

It's eerie. Not only did I get here an hour early, my coworkers all appear to be showing up an hour late. It's very quiet.

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