Tuesday, September 15, 2009

#PRSuccess! @dangerbird Records: yay!

I'm very pleased with the independent music industry, and I would like to spread some of this love directly to everybody at Dangerbird Records, home of the Silversun Pickups, Bad Veins, Darker My Love... a roster of great bands.

So about a month ago, the Silversun Pickups played here in my home town, and @dangerbird, who I follow on Twitter, were giving away tickets to the show to people who sent them funny pictures. And but two days after the show, I discovered a message in my gmail *Spam Folder*, because that's where gmail likes to put direct messages coming from Twitter.


So whatever, I was annoyed, but the show was great, no big loss. I emailed Dangerbird to apologize for any inconvenience, and those nice people responded by mailing me the SSPU vinyl back-catalogue.


And what a success! Three albums you say, but wow, Swoon on 180gm vinyl, split over two records so there is less loss of fidelity on the inner tracks. Carnavas on vinyl! The packaging is exquisite. So, thank you Dangerbird!

But a success too because I'm going to do that much more to promote their label. I'm going to pay that much more to check out other bands on their roster. And here is a big one, I'm going to retweet them like crazy.

Like I said, I'm very pleased with the independent music industry.

Check out Dangerbird's latest mixtape, containing Daytrotter sessions, Patsy Cline covers, wall-to-wall goodness. Follow them on Twitter, if that's your thing. They're nice people.

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