Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Promoting health? It's all in the game | ...

I really want to see this sort of technology succeed, in part because it demonstrates so much the principle of  "genius of the and" - gamification of health not involves the patient more with his own diagnosis and care, it can also provide his healthcare team with better, more regular check in points, as well as an access point for delivery of timely information. For healthcare to be successful, it needs to follow a pattern like this.

Okay, I'm a techie, and I can't help thinking on that level... this approach to delivery of information follows an, albeit loose, Model View Control (MVC) pattern - identifying what information is required to trace healthcare needs, then coordinating between patients' and practitioners' ability to view this information and respond to it, and formalizing a channel of communication between patient and practitioner, outside office hours.

Bertalan Meskó, MD
Promoting health? It's all in the game | Reuters
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