Tuesday, September 04, 2012

HL7: Open Standard

Monumental news this morning - the HL7 standard for healthcare messaging is becoming a much more free and open standard, providing standards and IP at no cost to implementers. I started to suspect this was in the works when Graham Grieve negotiated with HL7 to make the HL7 FHIR standard available at no cost for the draft edition, and then "we'll see about the normative edition". The discussions to make this happen go back at least two years, but of course this has been a common complaint about HL7, that cost of IP may be an impediment to implementation.

Not entirely sure I agree with that, since I see evidence suggesting this has not happened; however, for new initiatives like FHIR to gain traction on smaller local projects, and in particular in the growing area of mobile health, any such impediments need to be lowered.

I love working with HL7 and I love working with the members of both HL7 International and HL7 Canada/ Canada Health Infoway, and I have to say, this is truly fantastic news.

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