Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Waking the MoonWaking the Moon by Elizabeth Hand
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Rereading this book... read it when it was first out in the early nineties after loving Hand's earlier Winterlong trilogy. Didn't like this as much at the time because it couldn't compete with the overabundance of wow that were Liz Hand's science fiction - including Mars Hill, I suppose.

In retrospect: I have two favorite writers, Liz Hand and Guy Kay. Kay's novel Tigana features this crazy Benandanti vignette based on Carlo Ginzburg's historical writing in Night Battles, and the Benandanti in Waking the Moon offer a great companion to this. If I was going to recommend a first book to read by Hand, I would suggest Glimmering or Mortal Love because both of these are steeped in wow. Or Winterlong, which still ranks in my 5 or so favorite books.

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