Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tim Bray on dynamic typing, Android, Java

See, this is why I respect Tim Bray's opinions so much; because he is a tireless member of my post-SGML/functional programming tribe. For instance, see this post on static vs. dynamic typing, and why it's not such a big deal with mobile Java for Android. I particularly like this comment, though:

"From: Tim Converse (Dec 29 2011, at 10:32)

"The Java language in particular suffers from excessive ceremony and boilerplate. Also it lacks important constructs such as closures, first-class functions, and functional-programming support."

This is a very concise version of the case for Scala over Java."

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Starting some time around 2005, under the influence of Perl, Python, Erlang, and Ruby, I became convinced that application programs should be written in dynamically-typed languages. You get it built f...

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