Monday, January 09, 2012

XML Prague 2012 conference sessions

XML Prague 2012 conference sessions:

  • Opening Keynote - Jeni Tennison 
  • The eX Markup Language? - Eric Van der Vlist
  • XML and HTML Cross-Pollination: A Bridge Too Far? Robin Berjon and Norman Walsh
  • What XML can learn from HTML; also known as XML5 - Anne Van Kesteren
  • Panel discussion on HTML/XML convergence - Norman Walsh
  • XProc: Beyond application/xml - Vojtch Toman
  • Understanding NVDL - the Anatomy of an Open SourceXProc/XSLT implementation of NVDL - George Bina
  • JSONiq: XQuery for JSON, JSON for XQuery - Jonathan Robie, Matthias Brantner, Daniela Florescu, Ghislain Fourny and Til Westmann
  • Corona: Managing and querying XML and JSON via REST Jason Hunter
  • Treating JSON as a subset of XML: Using XForms toread and submit JSON - Steven Pemberton
  • RESTful XQuery - Standardised XQuery 3.0 Annotations for REST - Adam Retter
  • Compiling XQuery code into Javascript instructionsusing XSLT - Alain Couthures
  • Implementing an XQuery/XSLT hybrid - Evan Lenz
  • Transform.XQ: A Transformation Library for XQuery 3.0 - John Snelson
  • Building Bridges from Java to XQuery- CharlesFoster
  • My first XSLT editor - Tony Graham
  • A Wiki-based System for Schema and Data Evolution - Lorenzo Bossi and Alberto Trombetta
  • Standards update XPath/XSLT/XQuery 3.0 - Michael Kay and Jonathan Robie
  • Closing keynote - Michael Sperberg-McQueen


piers said...

Lots of good stuff here, with strong responses on many sides of the XQuery/XSL/XML/JSON/REST/SOAP silos.

I'm particularly looking forward to Jeni Tennison's keynote and Jason Hunter's presentation, but as in previous years, XML should deliver ground-breaking presentations on myriad topics.

Piers Hollott said...

Jeni's keynote should have way more views than it does: