Thursday, March 07, 2013

Firefox OS and Mobile Health

I have to say, I am very excited about Mozilla's Firefox OS, formerly Boot to Gecko, a Mobile OS built on web standards like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, powered by a small Linux kernel. The OS is going to target less expensive phones, without requiring the power that Android or iOS do. If you were thinking PhoneGap, a Firefox OS app is much simpler than that. Why am I embedding in WebKit when I can boot to Gecko?

So the downside will be market penetration. In Canada or the States, or the UK. In Brazil, in Mexico, in eastern Europe, these phones could hit a sweet spot and build a strong developer community.

And this is why I'm excited. The real strength of mobile health is not going to be iPhone apps for American Doctors; it's going to be useful tools for areas that aren't already serviced by Epic or Meditech... In LMIC countries, a suite of mobile medical tools, and particularly one you might modify or extend yourself, that will be invaluable.

The developer phones are cool and orange as well.

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