Thursday, March 21, 2013

I mean, it's almost with sadness that I am uninstalling Opera, but something happened a while back, and all political arguments aside, I'm just as happy with Firefox. You see, I really liked Opera Unite, which embedded a web server inside the Opera browser. All sorts of potential in that idea, although realistically, this allows you to operate an intermittent file server. For testing purposes, however, it meant I didn't need to run a separate web server. Anyway, water under the bridge, Opera is no longer supporting this feature.

At a time when people appear to be switching back to Firefox from Chrome because newer builds of Chrome are apparently slower... I might start running the Aurora stable nightly builds of Firefox. I have a love/hate relationship with Firefox. At the moment, because Firefox is providing the only decent SVG support for mobile devices, I love it again, even though the only mobile device I have is Android, and I like Chrome for Android a lot. I just have no room for Opera.

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