Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I still think this is really cool. NoSQL Graph support for DB2-RDF holds a lot of promise, particularly if it performs as well with large data sets as people are suggesting it does.

1.  DB2-RDF support is officially called "NoSQL Graph Support". 
2.  The API extends the Jena API (Graph layer).  Developers familiar with Jena TDB will have the Model layer capabilities they are accustomed to.
3.  Although the DB2-RDF functionality is being released with DB2 LUW 10.1, it is also compatible with DB2 9.7.
4.  Full supports for SPARQL 1.0 and a subset of SPARQL 1.1.  Full SPARQL 1.1 support (which is still a W3C working draft) will be forthcoming.
5.  While RDBMS implementations of RDF graphs have typically been non-performant, that is not the case here*.  Some very impressive and innovative work has been put into optimization capabilities.  Out-of-the box performance is comparable with native triple stores, and read/write performance in the optimized schema has been seen to surpass these speeds.

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