Monday, August 05, 2013

Strategy: Turning Theory into Practice

I have been reading The Strategy Book, by Max McKeown. This is a very short review because I haven't read the book fully yet, and because no approach to business strategy can be evaluated immediately. It takes time to implement business strategy, and it takes longer to evaluate success.\

On thing that strikes me, and perhaps this is because I am a consultant and implementer, not a business person, is that the strategy approach described is very active - "Strategy in Action" - which makes sense. But my personal strategy is very passive, or rather, responsive. It's not a right/wrong thing, but relates more to what you are trying to accomplish.

So when I read "Position, Intention, Direction", I can't disagree that these things are an important part of strategy. And then these criteria are described in terms of Objective, Context, Challenge and Success. This is fine-grained, but my own personal strategy, as I have described, is intentionally responsive:

Vision - what is the message you are creating or are hearing?
Precision - is your description of the problem-space accurate?
Concision - have you removed all the noise from your message?
Decision - can you act upon your vision?

So these are responsive criteria, with the last cutting over into active territory. Decision is where you cut over from "-ision" to "-ition".

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